by Kate Raynes-Goldie

Time for a quick update!

David and I have been madly working away on the latest prototype and building out the basis we’ve co-created with the children. I wanted to take a moment to share what we’ve been thinking about.

We love the wacky, playful and silly characters and world the children have created (a post with all the latest game art is coming soon, I promise). It reminds us of some of our favourite games — a few of which we played when we were younger ourselves. Since they are in line with the zany and fun tone set by the children, we’ve been drawing on the following for inspiration:

  • Glitch – a new collaborative, non-violent MMO by the creators of Flickr in collaboration with artists from around the world, including Keita Takahashi who created…
  • Katamari Damacy – a revolutionary and beautiful video game for the PS2, originally created as an art project
  • EarthBound – a quirky RPG for the SNES. Set in a world not unlike our own, the hero is a young boy uses everyday objects (frying pans, delicious snacks) to save the planet.
  • Paper Mario – another quirky RPG for SNES, staring the infamous Mario brothers.
What all these games have in common is beauty, whimsy and creativity. They’re all must plays for any aspiring game designer, especially if you’re making games for or with children.