Time for some game art!

by Kate Raynes-Goldie

In week 5 , we began creating the characters and concept art for the game. The game is set in Union City, which is located at the intersection of 7 zany universes, each inhabited by a unique species. Each child on our team first created their own dimensional species: the XYZs, the Puffballs, the Elvrin, the Milkzombies, the Hockeys, the Fliers and the Alphawolves. From there, they created each created a playable character. Together, these characters make up the secret crack team called “The Watchers” who are tasked with protecting the city from chaos and other badness. Most recently, they’ve been working on a lot of weird cases related to Hatnet — the interdimensional inter-network that connects to everyone’s brains through their hats!

Using their concept art and backstories, Dara Gold (our resident artist) worked with the children to create polished final versions of each character. Check them out! (and if you haven’t seen it already, Kiri — who made the Alphawolves — created this totally awesome trailer for us on her DS!)

101 the XYZ, by Tinson

The XYZs (pronounced zwiz ) are monkeys who have a symbiotic relationship with blobs who live on their heads. They have evolved together over a very long time. The blobs do everything for the monkeys and together they live in what is basically a utopia.

Petor the Puffball, by Peter

The puffballs are adorable creatures who are always hungry. They live in simple cottages. They are coloured differently depending on their talents, and enjoy snoozing.

Starling Maverick the Elvrin, by Mary

The Elvrin are an intelligent and secretive people, who live close to nature. They hail from a forest planet, where they enjoy hunting, playing strategy games, and crafting.

Zombo the Milkzombie, by Chris

Milkzombies love milk and have pigs for feet! The live in lava houses, and travel via milk-powered trains.

Bob the Hockey, by Mitchell

The Hockeys love to play hockey, but sometimes they can be emotional. They live in a stadium, and eat goop / candy / strawberry milk.

Dr. Evil (not evil!) the Flyer, by Jordan

Fliers are flying houses. They love to EXPLODE things, and give people mean looks. They will eat anything but worms.

Kara the Alphawolf, by Kiri

The Alphawolves live in the forest, and behave very much like normal wolves, but are much more intelligent (moreso than humans, even.) Loyalty to the pack is the foremost value amongst them.